Advocacy Center

Background/Summary/Basic info
The Citizen`s Association MOST believes that the “Active citizens strengthen democracy”, therefore it conducts its activities for and with the citizens.
The advocacy is still not enough understood and practiced in the country. In the past the citizens of the country have witnessed few advocacy campaigns. Yet, the country and all relevant stakeholders such as the Government, the Parliament, NGOs, the Business Community, interest groups, have to create an environment where the rules will be clear.
Since august 2009, it is the course of action of the Advocacy Center as well.
The Advocacy Center is a project of the Citizen`s Association MOST and a continuance of the project “Office for contact between the NGOs and the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia”, which was also implemented by MOST. All of the existing resources of this office – web portal and the on – line library, researches and analyses and the forum, will fall under the Advocacy Center. In this respect actually the services that the Office was providing will be the driving force of the Center. Moreover, all contacts and relations that the Office and MOST have established during the past years of active work in this field will be on the disposal to the Advocacy Center.

Overall objective
Contributing towards more informed and active citizens and sustained community participation in the process of policy creation and decision making.

Specific objectives

  • Strengthening the capacity of the stakeholders in the area of Advocacy through trainings and sharing of expertise;
  • Raising the awareness of the stakeholders on their rights and responsibilities as active citizens and the opportunities for their involvement;
  • Informing the relevant stakeholders on the opportunities for their involvement in the process of policy creation and decision making.

This project is funded by the Balkan Trust for Democracy – BTD