Citizens’ Guide through the Parliament

The brochure “Citizen’s guide through the Parliament of R.Macedonia” represents a guide through the institution Assembly of R.Macedonia, a guide through the procedure of enacting a law, and especially explains the ways of including the citizens in the process of decision-making. It is in service of NGOs and citizens for getting to know the parliament procedure for enacting laws so that they can act accordingly.

The first step for citizen’s involvement in the decision-making process is to inform them how the Parliament is working and establishing intensive relations for cooperation between the citizens and the national elected official.

The booklet ”Citizen Guide trough the Parliament of R.Macedonia” is a guide trough the institution Parliament of R Macedonia, guide trough the procedure of enacting the laws, but also it elaborates the ways and possibilities for citizen’s involvement and NGO’s involvement in the decision-making process separately.

The booklet is useful to the NGO’s and the citizens to understand the parliamentary procedure for enactment of laws so they can implement appropriate mode of action.

The official promotion of the booklet was conducted at the conference “Strengthening the cooperation between the Parliament and NGOs in R.Macedonia”, which was held in the beginning of April 2003, and the booklet was distributed to the citizens countrywide, trough the regional offices of MOST.

The booklet found its use as logistic substantiation for part of the projects that MOST realized, and every interested citizen can download it from this web in albanian and english:

english albanian