Monitoring of the Constituency Offices

Background/Summary/Basic info
The project was developed to create a system for formal and systematic monitoring of MP constituency offices with an eye to increase the quality of services provided by the constituent offices and the frequency of communications between MPs and citizens.  The MPs’ constituency offices were opened to provide the citizens with opportunity to interact and communicate more frequently with their elected officials. These offices were supposed to be on their highest level of performance in order to change the public perception about the MPs and the Parliament in general.
Information regarding constituency office performance was gathered through telephone interviews with staff and field interviews with the citizens.

Key objectives

  • To increase the level of performance of the Constituency offices/ assistants, in order to enhance the public perception about the MPs/ Parliament;
  • To monitor the follow up of the cases addressed to the MPs by the citizens;
  • To measure the visibility of the offices and communication frequency between the MPs and the citizens.

Period of implementation
November 2007 – October 2009

–  Increased number of meetings between citizens & MPs;
–  Increased number of citizens using CO services;
–  Increased number of questions addressed to the Government by MPs at the request of citizens.

This project was funded by the Swiss Cooperation office Macedonia -SDC Macedonia