Monitoring of the Presidential Election 2004


The PVT program that was conducted by MOST monitored the turnout of voters during the Election day, as well as the gained votes by each candidate after the counting.

  MOST’s recommendation is to focus on the improvement of the election process quality, through education of the election bodies and the electorate. In the same way it is important to emphasize the necessity of an effective legal regulation which would minimize the possible violations of the election process.

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Code of Conduct for Political Parties

The political parties which have candidate or support candidate on the Presidential election, have signed the Code of Conduct for free and fair elections developed by the NDI. The code is an ethic document and does not replace the current regulations.

The Citizen’s association MOST, through its regional offices would observe the pre-election relies of the presidential candidates and their election quarters, and all the violations of the Code of Conduct for free and fair elections would be disclosed before the citizens.

The Code of Conduct for free and fair elections is being signed by the political parties which have given their support to one of the presidential candidates:

VMRODPMNE, Democratic Leaque of Bosniaks in the Republic of Macedonia, Democratic Party of Albanians, Democratic party of Serbs in Macedonia, Democratic party of Turks in Macedonia,Democratic Union of Vlachs from Macedonia, Democratic Union for Integration, the Green Party of Macedonia, Liberal Democratic Party, Macedonia Ahead – Forza, United Party for Emancipation, Party for Movement of Turks in Macedonia, Party for Democratic Prosperity, Labor-Agricultural Party of Macedonia, Social Democratic Union of Macedonia, Socialist-Christian Party of Macedonia

Record number of the domestic observers in Macedonia

The Citizen’s association “MOST” has submitted demand to the SEC for accreditation of 3305 citizens, who have registered themselves to be domestic observers on the Election day.

The accredited observers would attend training sessions conducted by the regional coordinators and would be deployed at the polling stations. Teams of two observers would cover around 60% of the polling stations in R. Macedonia. The polling stations which would not be covered with static teams, would be visited by mobile teams formed on the election day by “MOST”.

The “MOST” regional coordinators would observe the voting on the 13 April, when the ill and the physically disabled persons, the displaced ones, the soldiers in the barracks and the prisoners would take a vote.

In the massive action for the check in the Voters List were checked a total of 688 citizens:

– 14 persons were not registered and sent a request;

– 11 persons sent a request for supplementation;

– 9 persons sent e request for extinction;

Municipalities where the action was conducted

Cair Bitola Miravci
Gazi Baba Demir Hisar Bogdanci
Tetovo Prilep Strumica
Gostivar Krusevo Kocani
Kicevo Kriva Palanka Orizari
Struga Veles Oblesevo
Dolgozdi Kavadarci Delcevo
Velesta Stip Kumanovo
Labunista Radovis Lipkovo
Debar Konce Kratovo
Ohrid Gevgelija

MOST published its final report from the monitoring of the Presidential Elections 2004. download