NGO Resource Book


To the NGOs

CA MOST in the frames of the programme Responsive institutions would develop NGO Resource Book of the ones interested in cooperation with the Parliament of the R. Macedonia and other state institutions.

Associations of the citizens interested in having their data published in the Resource Book, are being invited to complete the NGO profile questionnaire.

The deadline to submit the questionnare is 20.07.2004 (Tuesday) and the interested associations may obtain the questionnaire on the or to ask for to have it faxed.

MOST reserves the right, on the bases of the prior established criteria to undertake selection of the applied NGOs.

Additional information on the phone: 02/ 32 38 426, or

Because of summer holidays the deadline is prolonged till 31.08.2004

questionnaire download

We have prepared the NGO Resource book in the past several months and it is published in Macedonian, Albanian and English language and it is available in printed edition and CD-rom. We hope the NGO Resource book will contribute to better, simpler and faster communication between the Parliament of R Macedonia and the civil sector. One of the functions of this edition is to provide mutual informing of the state institutions and civil sector, first of all between the MPs and the NGOs interested in cooperation or participation in the decision making processes.

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Cover of the NGO Resource Book Cover of the CD-rom