Office for contact between NGOs and the Parliament

Background/Summary/Basic info
The Office was opened in 2004 and represent a service for NGO’s and MP’s, a place where both can sit and discuss the legislative issues, a tool for CSO’s to lobby and advocate for important issues, a tool for MP’s to involve the CSO’s in the decision making process and preparation of the legislation that is affecting the everyday life of the citizens.

Overall objective
The overall goalof the office was to institutionalize the communication and cooperation between the Parliament and the CSOs.

Specific objectives

  • By using all information tools, to provide the Parliament and civic sector with relevant data, essential for open and intensive dialogue;
  • Linking citizens with legislative bodies, in order to increase the input of the civil sector in policy creation and decision making process.

Period of implementation
October 2004 – July 2009

– 305 meetings organized, 82 at the request of citizens, 173 at the request of CSOs, 16 at the request of members of Parliament and 9 at the request of Parliament`s departments;
– 6 proposals for enacting or amending laws;
– Participation in public debates and public hearings;
– Organization of Conferences and round tables;
– Partner of the Parliament in implementation of the project e-Parliament in the field of scanning and preparing the shorthand notes (transcripts) later published on the official web page of the Parliament.

In 2009 MOST transformed the Office into an “Advocacy centre” which is operational and assists the CSO’s in their lobbying and advocacy efforts.

This project was funded by U.S. Agency for International Development, Balkan Trust for Democracy-BTD; Swiss Cooperation office Macedonia – SDC Macedonia and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands