Right to Know

Background/Summary/Basic info

The project is building upon an activity (www.pravo.org.mk) launched in 2004. The overall project objective tackles the issues of public interest through tangible and methodological gathering and innovative way of presentation of credible and statistical data, informing and engaging citizens, CSO’s, journalists and bloggers. The project contributes towards informing, engaging and empowering the different societal groups, which is of key importance for a democracy in country aspiring to become an EU and NATO member state.

The following objectives will lead MOST in the course of the project implementation:

–  Overall objective:

Contribution towards more informed and empowered citizenry.

–  Specific objective 1:

Functional, maintained and powerful online resource targeting different stakeholders/citizens groups through visual and user friendly presentations by utilization and cross matching of official statistical and sourced research data.

–  Specific objective 2:

Increased scope of data communicated to the stakeholders/citizens for argumentative public debate and shaping of a public discourse on national and local level, in an essential, comprehensive and perspective form covering the areas:

  • Transparency of the Units of the Local Self Government(existence of active municipal web pages, availability of the strategic documents – strategic plans, budgets, reports on the budget spending, statutes, action plans, decisions etc.)
  • Citizens involvement and outreach(Legal framework of the LSG for citizens/ CSO involvement and mechanisms prescribed by the legal framework versus the level of utilization of these mechanisms by the citizens/ CSOs, number of registered CSOs per municipality, % of the Municipal budget to be/are allocated to CSOs, number of CSOs with public benefit authorities, amount of financial AID by the donor agencies/per municipality – per year, etc.
  • Judicial Efficiency at local level– official data on the number of cases received, cases adjudicated, cases appealed at the Courts of appeal, cases adjudicated by the appeal courts, cases returned for a repeat trial procedure at the Primary courts etc.
  • Specific states/ conditions of public benefit– such as: Number of cases of domestic violence per municipality, car accidents, etc.
  • Demographical and economical characteristics of the municipalities/ per municipality.
  • Election resultssince 2005 / per municipality.

The project is supported by the Balkan Trust for Democracy, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlandsand Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland