Standards for sustainability of the accountability

Standards for sustainability of the accountability, transparency and cooperativeness of the Local Self-Government

Background/Summary/Basic info
From the very beginning of the process of decentralization the need for transparency, responsibility and accountability of the municipalities to its citizens continuously increases.

For this reason MOST took the initiative to start implementation and establishment of mechanisms that lead to a ongoing partnership between the municipality and its citizens. To increase transparency and accountability of municipalities and to encourage good governance, it is necessary to take the following steps: to improve the quality of information on the work of municipalities that are made available to the public and to provide ways according to which such regular and timely information will be made available to citizens.

The project is a follow up of Accountable, cooperative and transparent local self-government project, which despite the results achieved detected serious shortcomings in the work of the municipal councils, as well as in the ways of informing the citizens.

Overall objective
The overall objective of the project is to contribute towards increased transparency, accountability and good governance and to increase the citizen’s awareness about the work of the councils of the Local Self – Government units.

Specific objectives

  • Increased quality and availability of information on the work of the municipal councils to citizens;
  • Informed citizens about the success of applying the established criteria and standards in the development and availability of records for the work of the Municipality Councils.

This project is implemented in the frames of the program CIVICA Mobilitas, conducted by the Center for Institutional Development CIRa and financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation represented by the Swiss Cooperation Office in Macedonia. The project is also supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

On today’s press conference, the Citizens Association MOST presented the report on the monitoring of the work of the 85 councils of the Local Self Government Units (LSGU). The report contains data on the successfulness of the use of the elementary criteria and standards in the process of keeping minutes of the conducted session of the LSGU councils, as well as the availability of the minutes to the citizens.

In the frames of the press conference, the “Manual for use of the standards for keeping minutes of the sessions of the ULSG council” was promoted, too. This Manual was drafted in cooperation with the Association of the Local Self Government Units (ALSGU).

Press release