Travel to Europe

Background/Summary/Basic info
The project TRAVEL TO EUROPE is motivated by the obvious inability of the younger generations to gain firsthand experience of Europe.  Young people, students at the Universities in Macedonia, representing the bearers of the future development of this country have not got the chance to travel abroad due to visa or economical issues.

Travel to Europe is a regional project, that beside in Macedonia is implemented in other countries in the Western Balkans, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo.

Overall objective
The project goal was to support the best students of the Universities in Macedonia, in their final year of studying, to travel around Europe and to get acquainted with the democratic values, habits and culture of the European countries, which can later on be promoted in Macedonia. At the same time the students promoted Macedonia around Europe.

Specific objectives

  • Students from Macedonia will have an opportunity to get to know countries, towns and Europe culture;
  • They will be missionaries, which will spread culture of the dialogue and exchange, and at the same time introduce Europe with youth from Macedonia;
  • Declarative orientation towards Europe, which this country accepted with the Candidate status, will no longer be just a phrase, it will be carried out in the most direct manner, and the beneficiaries will be the carriers of the future of this country;
  • Raising the level of awareness among youth on importance of success during education, and in wide scope influencing on disturbed value charts during the years of transition of the country. This action will be intense promotion of education as a credible way to succeed in life;
  • Intellectual and cultural elite of the country will be enhanced by significant number of youth which will be able to present European values and European idea;
  • Presentation of affirmative Macedonia to the citizens of Europe by distributing brochures about Macedonia.

Period of implementation
May 2007 – September 2007
June 2008 – November 2008
June 2009 – November 2009
June 2010 – October 2010
June 2011 – October 2011


  • More than 100 students spent 1 month each in Europe exchanging experiences, getting acquainted with the European values;
  • Over 30.000 Europeans received the brochures promoting Macedonia;
  • Affirmative presentation of Macedonia to the citizens of Europe;
  • Initial group consisted of young and educated people, familiar with the core democratic values of the European Union and the process of EU integration, was created.

This project was funded by Robert Bosch Foundation through the Balkan Trust for Democracy-BTD