Voters List On-Line

The year 2006 started with the project “Voter’s List on line”. The project introduced Macedonia as the first country in the region that provides its citizens with an easy on line access to their data in the Voters List.
The basic objective of the project was to secure easy access to the Voter’s List for the voters in the country. The activity has improved the transparency and had a positive impact on the election process. The accuracy of the Voter’s List, citizens’ confidence in the Voters’ List, i.e. the transparency secured through the easy access is significant for the legitimacy of the elections.

The project produced essential long term results:
– A powerful tool for easy access to the Voter’s List was created;
– Methodology for efficient updates of the Voters’ List was established;
– The transparency of the election process was increased as well as the confidence in it;
– It contributed towards capacity building of the state institutions and state administration, having in mind that the Ministry of justice as project partner took the responsibility for further updating of the Voter’s List on line.

Key achievement
The resource is now incorporated within the capacities of the State Election Commission.

This project was funded by the Norwegian People’s Aid – NPA