Financing of Political parties


The need for equal presentation on the Macedonian political scene has created the basis for enacting a law on financing of the political parties.

The enacting of this law will contribute for decreasing of the opportunities for illegal financing of the political parties, and that will lead towards electing officials that will convene with the real will and the needs of the citizens instead of their financial supporters.

The discussion on the draft of the law on financing of the political parties was held on a


round table debate in Ohrid (13, 14 October 2003).  The session was co-organized by the Liaison office of the Council of Europe, MOST Citizens Association and the Parliamentary commission for political systems and interethnic relations.

The experts, representatives of the Ministries of justice and finance, representatives of the political parties and members of the participating NGO’s gave their recommendations and adopted the conclusions that are to be incorporated in the law that will be submitted to the Parliament of the RM.

This Law was enacted in October 2004.