Held meeting of the working group for election legislation

Today, the first meeting of the working group that will prepare the amendments of the electoral legislation in order to address the recommendations from the domestic and international observers was held at the Club of Members of Parliament. The meeting was organized by the Ministry of Justice with the support from the Citizen’s Association MOST.

The working group was established by the Ministry of Justice, which will manage the process of consultations with stakeholders, and the support of the entire process will be provided by the Citizens Association MOST.

At today’s meeting, the general working principles of the group were defined. Members of the working group, besides the representatives from the Ministry of Justice and Citizens Association MOST, are also representatives of the political parties, all other institutions that have competence in the election process, as well as representatives from other civil society organizations working in the field of elections. The ODIHR and IFES experts will contribute to the work of the working group, while representatives of the international community will attend as observers of the process.

The support provided by Citizen’s Association MOST to the Ministry of Justice in this process was made possible through the project “Promoting free and fair elections through transparency and advocacy” funded by NED and the British Embassy in Skopje. The aim of the project is to prepare amendments to the electoral legislation by involving representatives of all stakeholders.