According to the confirmed information, reported by the observers and regional MOST offices, at the polling stations have been noticed the following irregularities:

  • At nine PS in the municipality of Tetovo- 2080, 2081, 2082, 2083, 2084, 2085, 2086, 2087, 2088, there was a power outage for about 1 hour. The voting was not interrupted during this period, as there were conditions for it to continue.

Nonobservance of the voting procedure and reactions by the EB

  • PS 2901, municipality of Chair, a voter voted before being checked in the voters list. After the vote, it was found that the voter was not registered in that polling station, but in the neighboring polling station. The MEC was called, a report was made, and the voting was interrupted for 15-20 minutes. Election boards from both polling stations made a record of the case, and the ballot will be considered valid.
  • PS 0887, village Spanchevo, municipality of Cheshinovo-Obleshevo, a voter was not allowed to vote because there was already a signature next to his/her name in the voters list. The MEC was called and the case was recorded. The person filed a complaint with the SEC, but the SEC rejected it.
  • PS 2531/1, municipality of Gazi Baba, a voter was allowed to vote, although had traces of invisible ink. The EB with seven votes FOR and three votes AGAINST decided to allow the voter to vote and made a record of the case. We would like to note that the deputies are allowed to participate in the work of the EB, only in the absence of the members.

Technical problems with the election material

  • PS 2509, Municipality of Gazi Baba, a voter could note vote. In this polling station, a page of the voters list is missing, due to double printing of another page of the voters list. The EB made a record of the case.

Problems caused by unauthorized persons

  • Village Vatasha, municipality of Kavadarci, outside the Memorial house where the PS 0691 and 0692 are located, an unauthorized persons were present. The policed removed those persons.

Nonobservance of the voting procedure by voters

  • PS 2657, municipality of Kisela Voda, a ballot was found behind the voting booth. The EB declared the ballot invalid and recorded the case. The SEC debated the case at its session and confirmed the decision of the electoral board.
  • PS 0673, municipality of Kavadarci, a voter photographed the ballot behind the voting booth. The EB reacted, the MEC and the police were called, and the case was recorded.

Free-of-charge phone line for reporting election irregularities

080 080 080

The Project “Domestic monitoring of Local elections 2017” is supported by the Embassy of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, the National Endowment for Democracy and USAID through the National Democratic Institutute.

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