According to the confirmed information, reported by the observers and regional MOST offices, at the polling stations have been noticed the following irregularities:

  • PS 1238 and 1239, municipality of Demir Kapija, a large number of people voted with an escort, 21 in the former and 23 in the latter PS. The election boards acted in accordance with procedure and recorded the names of the persons who assisted in the log of the PS.

Nonobservance of the voting procedure and reaction by the EB

  • PS 2957 and 2958, municipality of Shuto Orizari, 5 cases of family voting were noted in each PS, while in PS 2959, also in the municipality of Shuto Orizari, there were 8 cases of family voting.
  • PS 2929 and 2930, municipality of Butel, two voters put their signature in a wrong place on the voters list. The EBs recorded both cases.
  • PS 2955, municipality of Shuto Orizari, 3 cases where EB members helped voters to vote, while indicating for whom to vote.
  • PS 0223, village Mojno, municipality of Mogila, an EB member helped one voter to vote.
  • PS 0440, village Negotino, municipality of Vrapchishte, the UV lamp has not been working since 01:00pm. The MEC was not informed, and the voting was not interrupted.
  • PS 0886, village Banje, municipality of Cheshinovo-Obleshevo, a voter refused to be marked with the invisible ink and still was allowed to vote.

Technical problems with the election material

  • PS 2960, municipality of Shuto Orizari, the voting was interrupted for half an hour because the UV lamp did not work. The case was recorded and the voting continued.
  • PS 2949, Municipality of Butel, the voting was interrupted for 20 minutes because the UV lamp did not work. A member of the EB obtained a new one from the MEC, the case was recorded and the voting continued.

Nonobservance of the voting procedure by voters

  • PS 2928, municipality of Chair, a voter photographed the ballot, the police was called and the voting was interrupted for a short period of time. The EB recorded the case.

Free-of-charge phone line for reporting election irregularities

080 080 080

The Project “Domestic monitoring of Local elections 2017” is supported by the Embassy of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, the National Endowment for Democracy and USAID through the National Democratic Institutute.

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