Aware and active citizens lead to accountable government,the foundation for sustainable and democratic society in Macedonia, the reigon and the world.

Help citizens become more empowered participants in Macedonia’s democracy at the national and local level

Support efforts and organize activities to reform institutions and processes to become more accountable, transparent and responsive to citizen concerns

Strengthen the capacity of civil society to provide voice and place for citizen action on a sustainable basis


MOST works to empower and mobilize citizens to strengthen Macedonia’s democratic culture, increase the democratic capacity of civic organizations, institutions and political actors, and to work through sustainable partnerships.


Aware and active citizens lead to accountable government, the foundation for sustainable and democratic society in Macedonia, the reigon and the world.


The Citizen Association MOST is domestic, non-governmental and nonpartisan organization, which was established in May 2002, by representatives of 20 civil society organizations from Macedonia. Citizens Association MOST today is recognized for its impartiality, credibility, trustworthiness, professionalism and sound management.

  • The organization fulfills its obligations under the laws of the Republic of Macedonia and the binding international agreements, and is strongly opposed and not a willing partner to corruption, bribery, and other financial improprieties or illegalities;
  • The organization is conducting its activities for the sake of others, whether for the public at large or a particular segment of the public;
  • The organization recognizes that its conduct and activities impact on the public’s perception of Civil Society Organizations and that it shares responsibility for the public trust in CSOs;
  • The organization is accountable for its actions and decisions, not only to its funding agencies and the government, but also to the people it serves, its staff and members, partner organizations, and the public at large;
  • The organization promotes a concept of gender, ethnic, national and religious equality and inclusion of people with special needs;
  • The organization is sensitive to the moral values, religion, customs, traditions, and culture of the communities it serves, as well as of its staff and members;
  • The organization promotes organizational culture that respects the diverse and distinct individual contributions of all its staff and members;
  • Within the process of selection of the staff members, the organization provides equal opportunities regardless to the candidates’ race, color, gender, age, health i.e. disability as well as the religious, political or other background, unions’ membership, national or social background, family status, welfare, sexual orientation or other personal characteristics;
  • The organization  provides opportunities for individual growth and staff development, and foster an atmosphere whereby supervisors encourage personal development of staff;
  • All staff members are  treated with fair¬ness and equity, and as individuals with rights to be honored and defended. Their rights to freedom of association, con¬science and expression must be respected and protected;
  • The transparency of the work of the organization is ensured through regular reporting to the members of the Assembly of the organization and to the whole public regarding all forms of operations and activities;
  • The organization basic financial information, governance structure, activities, and listing of staff members and partnerships is open and accessible to public scrutiny and the organization is making effort to inform the public about its work and the origin and use of its resources.
  • The Code of Conduct applies to all staff members of Citizens’ Association MOST. Every staff member should:
    • comply with the documents and policies of the organization;
    • maintain good relationship with all its colleagues and foster team spirit and solidarity;•
    • maintain good relationships with third parties with loyalty and protection of the interests of the organization;
    • respect the confidentiality of sensitive information about the organization, its members, donors, Management Board and staff members;•
    • not to abuse any database or intellectual property of the organization for personal interest or in favor of third parties;
    • not to accept commissions, gifts, payments, loans, promises of future benefits or other items of value from anyone who has or may seek some benefit from the organization, other than the occasional gifts of nominal value that are in compliance with good business ethics;
    • have respect for the working hours;
    • execute his/her duties and obligations responsibly and in a professional and timely manner;
    • not willfully or through negligence damage or destroy property belonging to the organization or his/her colleagues;
    • to abstain from harassment (physical, sexual or psychological – mobbing);
    • not to cause disorder or act in cruel and harsh manner;
    • not to bring, use or be under influence of alcohol or narcotics;
    • to dress appropriately;
    • to take care of the hygiene within his/her office and other premises of the organization.