Conference: Strengthening the cooperation between the Parliament and NGO’s

In April 2003 in cooperation with the National Democratic Institute (NDI) a conference was organized on topic “Strengthening the cooperation between the Parliament and NGOs in R Macedonia”. The goal of the conference was jointly to reach ways for more active mutual cooperation and to establish directions for mutual communication. The conference was attended by representatives of 37 NGOs from the country as well as by 15 Members of Parliament of RM.

The conference gave recommendations what to be done by both sides to increase the citizen’s participation in the decision making processes, and on the other hand how to have more quality advocacy of the citizen’s interests taken by the MPs. The recommendations from this conference ware a starting point for a part of the projects that were implemented by MOST.

Report on the Conference

Period of implementation
April 2003

This project was funded by ABBA CEELI and CIDA.

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