Global Election Day

Global Election Day

The purpose of this activity is to contribute to the celebration of the Global Election Day (first Thursday of February each year), in order to the second election officials belief in the irreversibility of democratic processes. As one of the main stakeholders in the civil society in Macedonia, MOST began to mark the celebration of this day. The promotion of international standards and democratic values is a never-ending process; therefore MOST has conducted different types of events within this day.

Activities were organized to help election administration and political parties increase their knowledge on new trends and challenges related to various types of voting systems.  Other activities were designed to help first time voters become familiar with the role and function of the State Election Commission and to encourage young voters as a whole to commit themselves to democratic values.

Promotion of the international standards for fair and transparent elections, and raising awareness on the importance of the elections for the democratic processes among the election administration and political parties as well as among the general public/citizens.

Activities conducted in the frame of the Global day of elections 2009:
-  Press conference organized in the frame of the Global Election Day – Marking the start of the “Domestic monitoring of the Presidential and Local elections 2009”;
-  Press conference where besides Darko Aleksov the Executive Director of MOST, the Special representative and Head of Delegation of the EU Mr. Erwan Fouere and the Deputy Chief of Mission of US Embassy Mr. Thomas J. Navratil also addressed to the public.

Activities conducted in the frame of the Global day of elections 2010:
-  State Election Commission (SEC) and Citizens Association MOST organized direct meetings with students from five secondary schools in Skopje, which came familiar with the work of the SEC and the process of voting;
-  Joint celebration of the day with the State Election Commission (SEC).

Activities conducted in the frame of the Global day of elections 2011:
- Organized conference within the project "Оpen Lists" that marked the beginning of the campaign to change the electoral system in Macedonia.

Key achievement of this project is MOST’s continuous contribution towards promotion of free and democratic elections in accordance with the international standards through celebration of the Global Election Day.

Period of implementation
February 2009
February 2010

This project was funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

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