My Parliament

My Parliament

Background/Summary/Basic info
“My Parliament” is an action-research project monitoring, investigating, sublimating and reporting through public disclosure of the appliance of the legal obligations and powers in regards to formal participatory processes for improved democratic oversight of implementation of the national policy and citizen’s participation in the process of policy creation and consultations.

The project is a follow up or a step further of the project MP’s Performance card representing one of the most successful stories of the Citizens Association MOST in regards to the improvement of the work and functioning of the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia. The Parliament efforts to engage citizens, CSO’s and the expert community in order to provide sustainable solutions and policies are below any level of satisfaction. In majority of the cases the CSO’s are misused in the process of consultations when the decision makers are inviting them to a consultation session just to have a solid justification and to show that the process was inclusive, without being open to accept any of the recommendations or solutions offered by the CSO’s.

Through monitoring, data collection, analyzing and public disclosure of the findings on the citizens participation and impact over the policy creation process the project will foster the Parliament and the MP’s to consult, engage and accept the recommendations of the CSO’s and on the other side it will empower the citizens and CSO’s in this area.

Overall objective
The My Parliament project will contribute towards increased influence and participation of the CSO’s in the processes of policy creation by fostering the Parliament and the MP’s to perform their duties in accordance with the national legislation and the powers drawn from it. It will also promote the concept of participatory democracy and citizen’s involvement by sharing the best practices as basis for functional democracy.

This project is funded by National Endowment for Democracy - NED

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