Advocacy handbook

Advocacy handbook


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

This Advocacy handbook (available in Macedonian and Albanian languages) is created for civil society organizations, informal groups and initiatives, but also for the citizens, who intend to realize own or community-based rights or interests, and at the same time they are not sure how to conduct the whole process. Its’ goal is to help in the designing and conducting of systematic advocacy campaigns.

Therefore, the handbook contains definitions regarding the term advocacy, and it contains directions to distinct the advocacy actions from the ones that are not.

Furthermore, it describes thoroughly the advocacy steps, accompanied with examples, in order to help the readers to better understand and easily apply the theory.

The Handbook provides a special part dedicated to the policy creation and decision making processes, with review of the law enacting procedures in Republic of Macedonia. At the end, with aim to motivate the citizens and the civil society organizations to start applying the new advocacy technologies to advocate for their causes, the theme about the advocating through the social media is illustrated, i.e. the well known advocacy 2.0.

The Advocacy Center`s team believes that the CSOs and the citizens are the only true experts of the society`s circumstances and the key factor that should participate in the decision making and policy creation processes. The best results are achieved through creation of new mutual experiences and exchange of good practices, validation of creativity and support of collaboration, through investment in the citizens and their skills, knowledge and strength.

The Advocacy Center is expecting you to advocate change together!

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