ACTive for Democracy

ACTive for Democracy

Background/Summary/Basic info

The project ACTive for Democracy represents a continuance of long term efforts to raise awareness and increase activism of the young voters in the country which started in 2004 through the project First Time Voters. The main challenges that the project ACTive for Democracy is addressing are the lack the knowledge of young voters for election related issues and the low level of interest for active participation in democratic processes.  The project also addresses the lack of capacities of the formal educational system to properly educate young voters. In addition, the project addresses the need for constant voters’ education which is one of the challenges that the country is facing and one of the ways to overcome the irregularities of the election processes in the country.

Overall objective:

The project’s overall objective is contributing towards empowerment of the youth by promoting their election rights and freedoms and the importance of active participation in the democratic processes.

Specific objectives:

-          Raising the awareness of the young voters on elections related issues and the need for their continuous engagement in the democratic processes.

-          Strengthening the capacities of the formal educational system through transferring of the knowledge on the election rights and responsibilities of the young voters.

Planned activities:

  • Conducting awareness raising campaign on the Voters Lists registration ahead of Local Elections 2013 and internet interaction with the young voters during the election period
  • Strengthening the capacities of the formal educational system by creating a supplemental manual for the high school professors
  • Conducting of the Active in Democracy open air events and the internet outreach campaign

Key stakeholders: The target group is set at 12.000 Young voters and 300 high schools teachers from all 94 high schools.

This project is funded by the European Union.

30.01.2013, Press release

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