MP's Performance

MPs Performance

Background/Summary/Basic info
Lead by the fact that democracy functions the best when the citizens are acquainted with and involved in the policy making process, MOST directs its activities to education and informing citizens, by which it contributes to the development of more democratic society. Besides that, the increasing of the transparency and accountability of the institutions secure additional value of the process.

In 2003 and in the beginning of 2004 a pilot phase of the project was realized. In October 2006 MOST and the Parliament of R Macedonia signed the Memorandum of cooperation on the project MP’s Performance. The ways of mutual cooperation and coordination of the activities in the field of informing the citizens on the work of their elected representatives in the Parliament of R Macedonia was established with this Memorandum.

MPs’ performance report was based on the presentation of the data according to criteria set in advance. The data on the MPs’ performance were based on the official information from the Parliament of R Macedonia. Besides the data gained by the Parliament of R Macedonia, the report contained data on the meetings of the Representatives with the citizens and civil organizations in the frames of the project Mobile Parliament, public opinion pools,  as well as data on the used services provided by the Office for contact between the NGOs and Parliament of R Macedonia.

The report on the performance of the MPs was published twice a year in February and September. Each covered a six month period and was published in the course of 2 years.

Overall objective
The overall goal of the project is to increase the cooperativeness and responsiveness of the members of Parliament of R Macedonia towards the real concerns of the citizens and to improve the quality of their work through informing the public about the MPs’ performance. At the same time it will articulate the interests and needs of the citizens and civil organizations in the process of policy creation and enacting laws in the Parliament of R Macedonia.

Specific objectives

  • Increasing the accountability and responsiveness of the MP’s  towards the citizens needs;
  • Assessing the quality of the performance of the MP’s;
  • Informing the citizens about the work of their elected officials in the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia.

Period of implementation
November 1 2006-January 31 2009


  • 4 semiannual MP Performance Cards prepared, published and promoted;
  • A total of 240000 copies distributed to the citizens;
  • Increased number of Laws proposed by MPs;
  • Increased number of MPs questions addressed to the Government
  • Set standards for monitoring of the work of the MP’s;
  • Raised awareness of the citizens on the performance of their elected officials;
  • Increased capacity of the Parliament administration.

Key achievement of this project was reaching full sustainability. After publishing the 4 Report MP’s Performance card the entire project was handed over to the Parliament of R Macedonia. Now the Parliament publishes the reports.

This project was funded by Balkan Trust for Democracy - BTD, National Endowment for Democracy - NED and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

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