The fifth phase of the project Mobile Parliament

Overall objective: Contributing towards increased confidence in democracy, through improved communication between citizens, citizens’ groups, Members of Parliament and local authorities by enabling democratic debate on issues relevant for country’s EU accession thus, influencing policy creation and decision making processes on national and local level.

Specific objective 1: To increase responsibility and accountability of elected representatives towards the citizens and to improve the communication between citizens, citizens’ groups, Members of Parliament and Units of Local Self-Government;

Specific objective 2: To enable the women, socially vulnerable groups, agriculture manufacturers, environment protection groups, children’s’ rights protectors and Roma rights’ groups through direct communication with the elected officials to effectively and efficiently advocate for positive changes on local and national level.

Specific objective 3: To increase the impact of the targeted groups on the policy creation and decision making processes on national and local level through preparation of argumentative recommendations for sustainable solutions.


  • Preparatory phase

- Designing and implementation of outreach campaign;

- Desk research within 6 thematic priorities: a) women’s rights and gender equality; b) equal opportunities; c) socially vulnerable and persons with disabilities; d) regional policies with emphasis on environment; e) agriculture and rural development; f) illegal migration and issues with the asylum seekers in the EU countries, in order to determine their implication and impact on different communities.

  • Conducting 20 meetings/public debates within different communities from all 6 election districts with citizens, citizens’ groups, MPs and representatives from the Units of LSG regarding issues of local importance to the targeted groups

- Conducting outreach campaign prior to the meetings/public debates to inform the public;

- Communication with MPs, Units of LSG, mobilization of the targeted communities and the CSOs, in order to secure their presence at the meetings/public debates, along with logistical preparation;

- Conducting the meetings/public debates regarding previously chosen issues of local importance;

- Drafting of reports with recommendations from each meeting for resolving of local problems;

- Dissemination of reports with the recommendations to the public, MPs and local authorities.

  • Monitoring the work of the Parliament and the Units of LSG and informing the public on the progress regarding the issued recommendations for sustainable solutions

- Monitoring the MPs questions sessions of the Parliament, monitoring the sessions of the Councils of Units of LSG;

- Producing of quarterly video shows regarding the local problems and recommendations for their overcoming and broadcasting on local media;

- Preparing of quarterly reports regarding the progress of the recommendations;

- Informing the public on the findings.

The project is funded by the European Union, through the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR)

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