Monitoring the by-elections for mayors 2003

Monitoring the by-elections for mayors 2003

Domestic monitoring of the by-elections for mayors 2003


Regarding the fact that in five municipalities the mayors place was stated empty out of particular reasons, the by elections were conducted in the following municipalities: Kocani, Orizari, Vasilevo, Demir Hisar

and Suto Orizari.


These by elections were perceived as important, considering the fact that the decisions of the local self-government have big influence on the everyday life of the citizens, and at the same time they represent a test for the disposal of the state organs for repeated elections and also a test for motivation of the citizens to vote again.


MOST was the only domestic NGO that recruited observers for these by elections for mayors. Regarding the experience it was not difficult at all to recruit well trained 109 monitors, which were determined as static and mobile teams on the election locations.


All regional MOST offices in these municipalities were opened during the Election Day, as well as the central office in Skopje. The monitors were informing about the course of the voting on the day of election, and central office registered a big number of calls from the citizens on the free phone line 080 080 080.


Despite of the small number of irregularities noticed on the particular locations, the elections were judged as fair and regular, and MOST activity was once again qualified as very important and very well done.

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