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PRESS RELEASE, 10.07.2020

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10.07.2020, Skopje

MOST will observe the elections with nearly 900 observers

The Citizens Association MOST will monitor the early parliamentary elections with nearly 900 observers. 696 observers will be deployed at the same number of polling stations, selected in accordance with a random representative sample, thereby covering 20% of the total number of PSs on the territory of the entire country.

MOST observers will be static ones, and they will be monitoring the voting process at the polling stations during the entire day. Additionally, there will be 55 mobile teams – consisting of 2 observers – deployed as logistical support to the static observers and monitoring the voting process at the polling stations that are not covered by MOST static observers. 80 observers will observe the work of the municipal election commissions, while the work of the State Election Commission will be monitored as well.

As it was the case in the previous election processes, Citizens Association MOST conducts this project according to the Declaration of Global Principles for Nonpartisan Election Observation and Monitoring by Citizen Organizations and according to the other internationally recognized standards for domestic monitoring.

The yellow short-sleeve T-shirts with printed “Monitoring 2020” and the MOST logo on the left front side, as well as MOST authorizations and SEC accreditation cards placed visibly will be the recognizable marks of the citizens who are part of the Citizens Association MOST monitoring team as domestic observers. The markings of the observers differ from the ones from the previous years. In this direction MOST underlines that an observer of MOST is only a citizen who possesses yellow T-shirt and an authorization and an accreditation only for these elections.

During the Elections Day, citizens may use the free-of-charge phone line 080 080 080 to report potential irregularities or to give information regarding the voting process.

MOST will announce all confirmed information from the monitoring of the Election Day to the public at four press conferences, held at 9 am, 11 am, 3 pm and 19 pm. An additional press-conference will be scheduled after the closing of the polling stations, on which the results from the parallel vote tabulation (PVT) will be announced.

At the end, we live in times of great challenge, and that is the coronavirus. The observation of the measures is a necessity with which we have to function, and will have to function in the future. Therefore, MOST appeals to the citizens to spare few minutes of their time, and, with consistent observation of the measures, to go to the polling stations and to fulfill their civic duty. The fulfilling of this duty in a time such as this should be a priority for each and every one of us, taking into consideration that the institutions undertake all the necessary measures for the voting to be conducted in a safe manner.

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The project “Domestic Monitoring of the Early Parliamentary Elections 2020” is supported by the British Embassy Skopje, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

The views and opinions expressed in this Release are the responsibility of MOST and do not necessarily reflect the views of the supporters of the Project.

For additional information please call Citizens Association MOST Phone 02/30 99 384

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