Visits to the Parliament

Every new generation of voters is a great opportunity to establish strong value standards for the signification of the citizen rights and obligations, and the contribution of active citizens in developing the democratic society. Starting with the fact that the basis of a strong democratic society is represented by the young population, MOST directed its own educational program precisely towards the future voters.

In cooperation with the Parliament of Republic of Macedonia in the period from 1st of April 2003, till 10th of June 2003, as voluntary activity MOST conducted the project “Visits to the Parliament of Republic of Macedonia”

This project was of educational character and it was assign to students from the 4-th year from several secondary schools in Skopje, in other words for those who should go out on next elections and vote for the first time.

The basic goals in realization of this project were:

  • bringing the institution Parliament closer to the students as a highest legislative and representative home;
  • informing young people about decision-making process, for their more active involvement in democratic process;
  • promoting the Parliament of R.Macedonia as a transparent and opened institution;
  • improving communication between members of parliament and future voters; and
  • arousing the volunteerism and involvement of the young population in the entire social-political process.

During the visit of the Parliament building the students were introduced to all particulars in the building, as there are the meeting hall, entertainment halls and rooms of historical and cultural value for Macedonia. The visits were guided by experts from the Parliament service.

There is no doubt that this kind of education for young people is out of great contribution for making an easier choice for the future voters and with that to arouse them to exercise their right to vote.