Accountability and Transparency of Parliament

Macedonian constituency engaged in ensuring accountability and transparency of Parliament

Implementation period: July 2016 – March 2018

Supported by: The British Embassy Skopje

Project purpose: To build public pressure for improved performance of the Parliament and relevant stakeholders by engaging constituency in informed debate on electoral reform and role of Parliament.

Project’s activities will focus on addressing 2 priorities: 

1. Contribution towards the Electoral reform – support to implementation of recommendations from the urgent priority electoral reforms, as per Priebe Report, with aim to enhance transparency of the process and restore citizens’ trust in the electoral process.

2. Parliamentary performance monitoring – will publicise the performance and competences of the Parliament: plenary sessions, MPs, committees’ sessions, participation of the CSOs in the decision making. These regular reports will inform the public, media and civil society on the performance of the MPs they have voted for and on the practices of the Parliament in executing its constitutional role. The engagement of all stakeholders, representatives of relevant domestic and foreign institutions will ensure inclusiveness in the drafting of recommendations for improving the Parliamentary Productivity Index of the Parliament.


Main activities:

1. Contribution towards the Electoral reform

• Monitoring the Voters List review 

• Participation in/monitoring the working group for cleaning the VL

• Producing policy options with concrete measures and recommendations


2. Parliamentary performance monitoring

• Monitoring MP’s performance

• Monitoring of the Parliamentary Committees

• Monitoring and evaluating the quality of the enacted legislation

• Producing Parliament Productivity Index

• Engaging/informing citizens 

• Producing policy options with concrete measures and recommendations 

• Increased transparency and accountability of Parliament

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