Presidential and Local elections 2009

Presidential and Local elections 2009

Project: Domestic Monitoring of the Presidential and Local Elections 2009

The process of elections represents the core democratic value for a functional and plural democratic society.

Project mission is:Contribution towards transparent electoral process through non partisan observation of all segments of elections.

Project objectives are:

  • Ensuring citizens participation in the process of domestic non-partisan monitoring of elections;
  • Ensuring the respect of the rule of law in the course of voting procedure at the polling station;
  • Increased awareness among citizens on their rights and obligations related to the audit of the official Voters list of RM.


The activities of the project Domestic monitoring of the Presidential and Local Elections 2009 are divided into several segments:

  • Re-establishment of the network for implementation of the project activities;
  • Regular briefings with the regional coordinators on all the phases of the project;
  • Monitoring on the pre-election period;
  • Recruitment and training of the volunteers;
  • Monitoring of the voting of the displaced citizens, old and disabled persons, solders and prisoners that takes place one day before the E-day;
  • Monitoring of E-day (Static observers, mobile teams, PVT observers, rotating observers and observers deployed at the MECs and SEC);
  • Conducting the PVT program;
  • Monitoring of the post election period;
  • Analyzing the reports and informing the public;
  • Issuing Final Report.


The project "Domestic monitoring of the Presidential and Local elections 2009" is being implemented by the Citizens Association MOST with generous support from the American people through USAID as well as from: Royal Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, SIDA, German Embassy, SDC, Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, OSCE Spillover Monitoring Mission to Skopje and the Embassy of Czech Republic.


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